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Patient testimonials

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Elm Grove Physical Therapy

“Maria and PT changed my life. Because of repetitive injuries to my ankle, I had all but lost movement in my left leg. Through PT exercises and weight loss, I have regained most of the function with out surgical intervention. Where once I could not step off a curb without falling. I now have balance and confidence. This would not have happened without Maria!"
  -- Janet G.

“I saw Maria prior to surgery after a car accident in 2017. It was determined that I had a full thickness tear in my rotator cuff. My surgery was in 2018. I restarted with Maria a few months after surgery and was treated for 23 visits. She is an excelled PT, very understanding and innovative."   

  -- Nancy S.

“Maria is kind, compassionate and will not quit until progress is made. Her ability and professionalism and knowledge are wonderful. She is highly recommended!!!”
   -- Kay R. 

“Maria is amazing! I don’t quite understand what she did to manipulate the sore area, but it worked incredibly well. I am back to doing barre and yoga classes 3 times a week and feel stronger than ever. I would definitely return should I ever need her services again!”           

  -- Betty K

“I compete at a national level—more than a weekend warrior. I train in the gym and on the court. Maria is the first Pt or chiro that I have found that drills down the root of the cause of any injury or condition.”

  -- Bill K.

“Maria is our family’s “go to” physical therapist. She has helped us all through many issues including arthritis, pack pain, and groin pulls. We’ve never been feeling better.”
  -- Anon.

“Enjoyed and benefitted from Maria’s very encouraging and knowledgeable team approach. I am continuing with the exercises and the strength the bring. I am very thankful for Maria’s excellent work and kindness!”

  -- Anon.

“Maria goes above and beyond to help strengthen where needed and works on balance. Always professional and is very intelligent. She comes with a great attitude and I am so grateful for her expertise and execution.”

  -- Jim C.

“Maria is very knowledgeable and uses a number of techniques during treatment. She also seems to be up to date on the latest research. I appreciate that she accepts Medicare!”
  -- Victoria P.

“Maria is very good and very helpful in keeping my back pain at bay.”

  -- Mapah