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Everyone loves good stories, so I've decided to share some with you. On a regular basis, I'll ask a patient to provide some tips, words of wisdom, perhaps a laugh or two — whatever they think helped them during their physical therapy. Use these stories as inspiration while you or someone you know is working through a healing process. It's always nice to hear what others have done while walking along the same path.

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Rob's Story

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you don't have to live with the pain

There are 3 important “take-aways” in this article. When you’re finished reading it, let’s see if you guessed what they are.

Due to ACL and meniscus tears in his knees, Rob (a patient of Maria) had both of his knees done within the past four years. One he tore playing softball; the other playing basketball. Prior to his surgeries, Rob visited Maria when she gave him exercises to do to keep the muscles strengthened around his knees. He continued with those exercises for six months post-op.

Now that you have that background information, we can get to the reasons why Rob is so pleased in having chosen Maria as his physical therapist.

In one of his post-op check-ups, Rob’s surgeon, after looking at his range of motion, asked, “How long have you been recuperating? Three months?” “No,” said Rob, “two months.” It was clear to both of them that whatever Rob had been doing, it had enhanced his recovery. During a subsequent check-up, the surgeon even asked for the name of Rob’s physical therapist. Even better, the surgeon went on to recommend Maria to other patients of his.

An engineer, Rob could be considered a “just the facts, please” kind of guy. So when Maria brought a holistic approach to his therapy, he was skeptical. “Sometimes I made light of her holistic approach,” Rob stated. For instance, when she held her hands over him (not on him), Rob said to her, “You’re not doing anything.”

Rob mentioned that some of the exercises Maria gave him were, “A little different than what I would have gotten elsewhere. I was surprised at some of the exercises.” He also said that Maria “had some different techniques and thought processes than most other PTs. That makes a huge difference in my mind.”

As he explained it, “all three legs of the tripod” helped during his recuperation:

  • A good surgeon
  • A good physical therapy
  • Taking responsibility for his part in the recovery process

What helped during his physical therapy? “Maria is very engaging. Tough when she needs to be and tells you like it is. Also, she creates a fun environment and keeps it light,” said Rob.

Today, Rob is fully functioning. He no longer plays basketball, however. Not because he can’t, only because his sons play the game “better than me and they beat me. They’re bigger and taller.”

If you haven’t guessed by now, here are the three take-aways provided in this article:

  • You are an important part of your “recovery team.”
  • Be open to different approaches.
  • Maria Zanoni is one good physical therapist.